Proudly celebrating 5 years of serving the Oakville & Burlington community

Our Wellness Philosophy

East meets West


More patients rely on alternative medicine to fill the gaps where traditional medicine fails.  At IHM we believe both worlds should work together so that you have a safe and evidence-based care plan.  We strive to  develop health solutions that blend the strengths of naturopathic and traditional medicine together.  

Family first

Our busy executives are not always the one making the food and exercise decisions in the household.  Our family appointments give our clients an opportunity to bring their loved one to appointments so we can provide the right information to the correct person to get the best possible result. 

At your own pace

Achieving optimal health is not a race, it is a marathon. We understand what is "right" is not necessarily "right now".   The life of an Executive is never simple and action packed with stressors that get in the way of focusing on you.  Our team will touch base often to make sure you know we are there for you or give you a gentle nudge when you are losing momentum.

IHM Wellness offerings

Food over Pills


Every IHM Concierge Client is encouraged to work with our Director of Wellness on specific modifications to their diet.  This is included in every IHM membership.  In close consultation with the MD, we will determine if we can avoid using medications and focus on diet and lifestyle changes to help cure, reverse, and prevent disease.  

Personalized Supplements


Work with our team to create a nutritional program that changes and evolves as your life does. We will hand pick and deliver your supplements should you require.  Do you need a detox after the holiday break? Are you losing sleep over a stressful work event? Are you worried about the health of a loved one?   Our team keeps in close contact with you all year and adjusts your supplements and care plan accordingly.   



Aging is a natural process. Feeling old  is a state of mind.    Our team specializes in helping you get well from the inside out.  No quick fixes or temporary solutions.  Work with qualified professionals to create long lasting and meaning improvements in your vitality, virility, and agility. 

Personalized Genetic Testing


In the appropriate clinical scenario, using personalized genetic testing to modify or confirm a treatment plan is helpful. This is an exciting tool to help with managing your health. The evidence is slowly evolving and the market is flooded with "gimmicks" and false associations.  Let us help you decide what testing is best for you.  

Food Sensitivity


Just because you don't break out into a rash, it does not mean your body reacts optimally to certain foods.  Sometimes a simple change in your diet can help eliminate the most frustrating chronic symptoms. Our specialists will help you create a tailored food plan to optimize your health and wellness using best practice and evidence based testing. 



Let our team of experts help untangle your digestion issues using a functional medicine approach that focuses on the root causes.   Our team of experts understand the interplay between stress, sleep, and the brain-gut connection and how it affects digestion. We also understand the importance of ruling out medical disease in a meticulous way before jumping to any diagnosis.