Proudly celebrating 5 years of serving the Oakville & Burlington community

Medical Concierge

Work with doctors that only have up to 50 patients. The average Family Doctor has over 1500!


At IHM we feel that the most valuable luxury is time. When you have a medical concern, you are the top priority. Your IHM doctor will block off an entire afternoon if you need the medical attention. No waiting rooms, no delays, and no frustrations. Good old-fashioned care using modern technology and a patient-centred focus.

Because convenience matters


Technology has made communication much easier and yet family medicine has not caught up.  Executives that are on the road do not have time to book a day off to see the doctor for five minutes.           

When you need our support, IHM offers the ability to securely communicate with your doctor on your mobile device or via video conferencing. At IHM, we understand the unique needs and ailments of the executive population.  We build our healthcare solutions to accommodate your lifestyle. 

Concierge that works WITH the system


Canada is fortunate to have world-class healthcare. IHM believes we have found a way to complement and work with both local hospitals and speciality clinics to help reduce strain on the system. In doing so, we are able to help our clients get the exceptional personalized care they deserve. 

Our doctors work at Halton Healthcare  with admitting privileges, should your  care require more serious management.  Our team will advocate for you through every step of your healthcare journey. 

Second Opinion Services


IHM Members enjoy the option of having a virtual second opinion from the best U.S Hospitals and world-renowned doctors practicing at Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Harvard University, Massachusetts General, Duke University, and Brigham & Woman's Hospital.  IHM Second Opinion Service will provide you with confirmation or modification of your diagnosis and treatment.  IHM will work with the second opinion team to ensure your information and care plan is managed appropriately.  

Healthcare Navigation


Our team will guide you through the complex healthcare system and help facilitate consultations to world-class medical services.  We will coordinate your appointment bookings, make sure you are prepared for the tests/consults, and search for healthcare solutions locally and internationally.  We also help set up public and private home care should your care need require.  We will be your advocate and make sure the system is working for you.  

After Your Executive Exam


The Executive Annual Exam is only one component of your health. For the other 364 days, work with a healthcare team that has extensive experience interpreting reports from Executive Health facilities. After your one day medical, let us help implement, monitor, and deliver your healthcare plan locally.   

Choosing Wisely


Spending time with the doctor so they can listen to your concerns will greatly increase the likelihood of the appropriate test being ordered.  At IHM we believe that just because we have access to something, it does not mean it is medically necessary.  Using Evidence Based Medicine, the most current screening guidelines, and tools such as Choosing Wisely Canada, we can deliver cutting edge but also medically sound healthcare.