What is Iasis?

(Pronounced EE'-AS-IS) the word is derived from the Greek Lexicon meaning "To Cure" or "To Heal"

Iasis Health Management (IHM) provides comprehensive healthcare and preventive medical solutions to clients in the Oakville and Burlington area. 

Personalized, proactive, thorough, innovative, and patient-centred  medical care is our mantra. 

Integrating conventional and functional medical techniques, IHM clients truly get holistic healthcare solutions for their medical ailments. 

We understand your time is valuable and we make every effort to tailor our services to suit your unique needs, including having our lab technicians and healthcare professionals come to your home or office. 

We also understand that our clients demand the best.  Our strong local and international relationships ensure our clients get the IHM advantage. 

Health and Wellness Directors

Dr. Hanif Jamal MD B.Sc. CCFP

Dr. Jamal is our Medical Director.  He was born and raised in the GTA and currently lives in Oakville where he has been working for over a decade.    

Dr. Jamal attended the University of Guelph on the Presidents Scholarship and Canadian Merit Scholarship where he studied Biological Engineering and Biological Science. He was accepted to McMaster Medical School at the age of 21.  Dr. Jamal was subsequently accepted into McMaster’s Family Medicine Residency program where he was selected to be Chief Resident. Upon graduating from postgraduate training, he joined the Hospitalist group at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) where is has been treating acute-care patients for over 10 years. 

During his time at Oakville Hospital, Dr. Jamal has assumed many leadership positions.  In 2017, he was voted by the medical doctors at Halton Healthcare to serve as their Professional Staff Association Vice-President.  His passion for leadership opportunities led him to Harvard University where he pursued extra training in Leadership in Healthcare Innovation. He also trained at the Institute of Functional Medicine where he studied alternative and natural approaches to medical management. In 2008, he was appointed Assistant Clinical Professor at McMaster University Department of Family Medicine

Dr. Jamal is on the Board of Directors for Halton Healthcare, the Oakville Hospital Foundation and the Natural Health Product Research Society of Canada.   In addition to his work at OTMH, he works as a Preventative Health Physician and Medical Innovations Lead at Cleveland Clinic Canada. Dr. Jamal  is excited to be a part of Iasis Health Management and is looking forward to bringing his experience to the team.   

Marina Zelenovic, B.Sc, RNCP, ROHP

Marina Zelenovic is our Wellness Director.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, a Certified and Registered Nutritional Practitioner and a Certified Childbirth Educator. Marina is also an accomplished writer, authoring 3 books;      

Eat Yourself Healthy Volume I: The Facts 

Eat Yourself Healthy Volume II: The Foods- Demystifying healthy eating for the average time-pressed person 

• The Zen Weight Management Program- a practical, education and lifestyle approach to effective and permanent weight loss.    

Marina started her career with offices in both Toronto and New York City. In Toronto, her focus was on athletes, which included members of the CFL, NHL, MLB, and Olympic athletes; while her New York City clientele included top level executives and celebrities in the fashion world.  As of late, her focus has been working with many high profile executives in the GTA. 

 Marina is also a frequent nutrition expert on City TV and various television programs as well as at health conferences and seminars. After overcoming her own health issues, Marina dedicated herself to helping her clients regain control of their health through personalized consultations,  individualized diet, supplement, and lifestyle protocols. She combines Eastern and Western dietary theory with the practical realities of daily life and spends a great deal of time educating clients on simple cooking and lifestyle techniques to empower them to make lasting changes.